Sponsor Me with Your Posts!

Last year, I did something that I found fun--and I want to do it again. I donate regularly to Northwest Harvest and Seattle Humane Society. During the holidays, it always makes me feel good to sort of include others in this. I will donate $1 for every comment I get on this blog post between now and December 5th, up to $250 each. Help me reach five hundred comments!

Just leave me a little note on this blog post about something someone did for you that you really remember and appreciate, or a note about your pets and the holidays. On midnight, 12/5/2010, I'll count the comments and divide by two, and send Northwest Harvest and Seattle Humane Society each a check.

And, if you have extra during this time, I encourage you--reach out and help someone in need. Help is needed all year long, but the colder times of the year can be especially harsh. And if you need help--there is no shame in asking. I've been there. I remember. Which is why I donate now.

And while this isn't really a contest--I don't want people just to comment to win a book--I will also give away one copy of Songs of Love and Death. I'm proud of being included in that book. :)

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