We’re counting down to NIGHT VEIL’s July release with a snippet from Chapter 2 every week!
You can read the first chapter of NIGHT VEIL in the back of BLOOD WYNE, or up on Yasmine's site. So we'll be posting snippets from chapter 2 each Monday until the release date. If we find anybody reproducing this on other sites we'll stop and everybody loses out. That means: NO cutting/pasting/copying/sending through email.
There will be a contest for two NIGHT VEIL mystery baskets during release week (7.5.2011)—they won’t contain the book, but they’ll both be themed around the book.

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First Chapter

Excerpts Already Posted

I nodded and slipped into the seat opposite him. Leo and Rhiannon sat on my right. Just then, the door opened again and Regina and Lannan Altos sauntered in. Well, Lannan sauntered. Regina's heels clipped on the hardwood floor at a quick, steady pace. Twins and lovers, they were dangerous and both of them were freak shows, though Regina had more restraint than her brother. Regina was the Emissary to the Crimson Court, and she was top dog around here.

I opened my mouth to speak, but Geoffrey held up one hand and I quickly shut up. When the Vein Lords order silence, obey.

"We are waiting on Lainule; save your words for when she arrives."

And so we sat in silence for another moment until the door opened again and the Queen of Summer came gliding in. Even in the dim light, her brilliance shone against the others. Without thinking, I rose and knelt before her.

Lainule smiled down at me, then leaned down and cupped my chin in her hand. "Take your seat, Cicely."

I silently obeyed.

Geoffrey cleared his throat. "Welcome, Your Majesty. My home is graced by the presence of the Queen of Rivers and Rushes-"

She waved his words away. The three of us stared. Nobody ever cut off Geoffrey, unless it was Regina. Or the Crimson Queen herself.

"Save your chatter, Regent. We have no time for pleasantries, nor am I in the mood for small talk." She grew taller in her impatience. "Have you figured out whether the Consortium knows what's going on?"
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