Spiders Dreaming

I had nightmares a couple nights ago. Or rather, one prolonged nightmare about spiders. About not being able to avoid them, getting caught in their webs, getting them on me. These weren’t the terrifying big brown house spiders that I absolutely loathe—(we get the giant European house spiders here. Really really scare the hell out of me, especially since I am arachnophobic).

No, I was dreaming about the argiopes—they’re the big orb weaver garden spiders we get here. While I think they’re rather striking in looks, I sure don’t want them on me. And while I appreciate they stay in their webs, they have a habit of building everywhere—across paths, from tree to tree, from the grill to the hanging tomato baskets. Yeah, if they can latch onto it, they build their webs there.

So in my dream, I was trying to get through this lawn toward a house, and everywhere I turned, there were webs. I’d take a step and get caught in one. More than once, a spider was almost on me, hanging from their thread, and I’d be screaming while friends tried to get them off me before I went ballistic. I couldn’t turn around without a spider being there.

Aside from being one of my more common nightmares (being trapped around webs), it feels like this dream might have a bit more meaning. Spider is the weaver of language, (you’d think I’d like her more, but phobias are really ingrained illogical fears and frankly, though I’ve worked on it, the fear is definitely entrenched).

Often, I construe spider in a dream to mean—what am I weaving in my life? Am I getting caught by my own snares/webs? She is Arachne, the weaver. She is Grandmother Spider. She is also a hunter, a weaver, one who constructs, her number is 8 (8 legs, 8 eyes) (which is interesting since numerologically, 8 is a huge factor in my name/birthdate/life), so she is success and foundation.

However, I felt trapped by her webs, trapped and unable to get free from them. This again, could have several meanings—from being forced to look at a situation, to being trapped by something in my life, to being unable to shake off something that perhaps I’m meant to experience.

My fears of spider stem from having them on me and I have deep rooted childhood anxiety about this. The webs themselves don’t bother me, unless a spider is in them. I think that—while this was definitely a nightmare in that I’m terrified of them—it was also a tap on the shoulder. Spider wants me to look at something, to pay attention to something she’s trying to tell me and by putting me in a situation where I can’t get away from her/the webs, she’s forcing me to confront an issue in my life.

The setting of the dream was pleasant, usually when my spider nightmares are there, they’re related to childhood (and I fully understand the impact/messages in those), but this setting was out of doors, not inside, and it was in a pretty area. So it wasn’t related to my childhood.

Now, the key will be to finding out what issue she’s bringing up for me to face, and then examine it. And that, is something that only meditation and my tarot cards can help.

The key to dream analysis is to figure out what the symbols of the dreams mean to you, on a personal level. Which is why when people ask me about their dreams, I tell them they have to figure it out for themselves, unless I know them on a personal level to the point of where I know what is going on in their lives.

Anyway…so yes, Argiope visited me in my dreams. And I hope I figure out her message before long because I really don’t want a repeat visit.

Do you understand your dreams? Do you even remember them? I always get amazed by people who don’t remember their dreams because I’m such a vivid dreamer, and I always dream in color. And what have been some of your most striking dreams that left you going, ‘there’s a message in that!’?



Rebecca C. Wright said...

I have suffered from nightmares since I was 6 and was with my father when he died in an accident. My most common dream is usually something associated with that. It is never exactly what happened but there is always something about the dream that is associated with that day.

Besides those I have very vivid dreams that I usually can figure out. Lots of running away from an unseen menace. One of those where you just cannot run fast...it is like running through molasses. Usually that is me being told I need to get things done, face my fears and just get on on with it.

I love trying to piece together the fragmented pieces of the world inside my head. Sometimes it is a bit painful but it is usually rewarding when I resolve it.


Betsy Ellison said...

For the first two weeks my office manager had her new pets. I saw them EVERY TIME I closed my eyes. I'm not afraid of spiders. But she now has over a thousand Tarantula's in her office in various shades/species/sizes. Good luck with your deciphering.

julie said...

I have to say I don't usually remember my dreams. I can remember about 4 dream in my life and they have come true in some way or another(usually in a period of up to 6 months). In my teens days (when I had most of them) I tryed to ignore them but these day I consider what they mean and wether I want to act on it.

Eoin Rie said...

The other night, I watched BANG BANG YOU'RE DEAD, which is about bullying etc. I was bullied badly as a child, so I imagined my grown self in my teenaged body in a cruel school environment, and the extreme rage I still have over it. With a supernatural, epic, weird as hell twist that I will definitely use in my writing someday. I either don't remember my dreams as soon as I wake up, or their vivid to the point of affecting my personal life and emotions.

Julie Civitello Wilson said...

I have a recurring dream. Maybe started when I was 10. A huge ape chases my brother and I up the gravel drive and into the house. As soon as we enter the house, my brother disappears and the house turns into my childhood home. Then I just walk around the house looking at the different furniture and have happy feelings. Pretty sure that means I love my childhood home and the memories. Not sure about the ape...

Glenda said...

I always wondered about those books that gave meanings for dreams. It seems like there are so many cultural and personal factors involved in dreams that the same thing would have to mean different things to different people.

I often don't remember my dreams unless I write them down immediately. Some of my dreams feel to me like I was living a different life in a different place, doing everyday things but the whole environment was subtly different. I couldn't really explain how, as I usually don't remember those dreams very well.

Could you please explain how you use tarot to figure out your dreams? That sounds interesting.

Yasmine Galenorn said...

Glenda, I mainly use the tarot to ask what situation a certain dream may be symbolizing. Not to understand the symbols themselves. :)

Sarah Allen said...

I dreamed about a month ago that I was in the Smithsonian, but some of the animal exibits were alive. In the dream, I knew a tsunami was coming and I had to save the animals. In particular, I was trying to free a killer whale that was in the basement in a natural hot spring. I had drained it and was trying to blast through the rock to get the whale a path to the ocean. Usually I have a good idea of what my dreams mean, but this one threw me. I ended up looking up different pieces and made sense of it. It was meant to be a warning of change coming and a situation that I feel like I have no control over. It wasn't news to me, but it was a prettier version of the panic my waking mind is coping with.

Glenda said...

Thanks, Yasmine. That makes a lot of sense to me.

Eirinn said...

I too dream very vividly and almost always remember my dreams.

I also have issues with spiders and have a hard time sometimes accepting that the teachings of Arachne are a major part of my life and that she sometimes visits me in spider form. I am a weaver of, well, everything. I do spin, I crochet, I bead, I do chainmaille, I write poetry, and my greatest gift is my cross stitch. I do want a loom one day too.

I recently had a dream about spiders and them weaving cross stitch thread instead of their own fibers. I am currently working a cross stitch that has taken me over 3 years to complete and am so close to finishing that it's almost painfully slow now. I also have a self imposed deadline. So I know that was what my dream was about.

But I totally agree with you that dreams are subjective and individualistic. And as you do, I do not help interpret unless I really know the person. And even them, I'm careful, because I may not have it right. Only the individual can really interpret their dreams.

Hope you figure out your dreams soon. I know how frustrating it can feel when you KNOW there is a message, and you just aren't seeing it. Although if get the same treatment from Grandmother Spider that I do sometimes...eventually she gets fed up and just slaps you with a cluex4.

Anonymous said...

Re spiders: I have been terrified of the webs since teenager. I associate them with my mother, who was an alcoholic and abusive to me. I did have a dream in my fifties where I was preparing a huge web to be displayed at a show, washing it down, etc. That was the last spider dream I had. I took that to mean that I've worked through many of the issues caused by my childhood. Quite a relief, actually. Used to have the same type of dreams where I'm trying to get through the webs and they're HUGE. Don't see the spiders, just the webs. I've been terrified of them for many, many years. Not so much now, thank whatever.