Spiders Dreaming

I had nightmares a couple nights ago. Or rather, one prolonged nightmare about spiders. About not being able to avoid them, getting caught in their webs, getting them on me. These weren’t the terrifying big brown house spiders that I absolutely loathe—(we get the giant European house spiders here. Really really scare the hell out of me, especially since I am arachnophobic).

No, I was dreaming about the argiopes—they’re the big orb weaver garden spiders we get here. While I think they’re rather striking in looks, I sure don’t want them on me. And while I appreciate they stay in their webs, they have a habit of building everywhere—across paths, from tree to tree, from the grill to the hanging tomato baskets. Yeah, if they can latch onto it, they build their webs there.

So in my dream, I was trying to get through this lawn toward a house, and everywhere I turned, there were webs. I’d take a step and get caught in one. More than once, a spider was almost on me, hanging from their thread, and I’d be screaming while friends tried to get them off me before I went ballistic. I couldn’t turn around without a spider being there.

Aside from being one of my more common nightmares (being trapped around webs), it feels like this dream might have a bit more meaning. Spider is the weaver of language, (you’d think I’d like her more, but phobias are really ingrained illogical fears and frankly, though I’ve worked on it, the fear is definitely entrenched).

Often, I construe spider in a dream to mean—what am I weaving in my life? Am I getting caught by my own snares/webs? She is Arachne, the weaver. She is Grandmother Spider. She is also a hunter, a weaver, one who constructs, her number is 8 (8 legs, 8 eyes) (which is interesting since numerologically, 8 is a huge factor in my name/birthdate/life), so she is success and foundation.

However, I felt trapped by her webs, trapped and unable to get free from them. This again, could have several meanings—from being forced to look at a situation, to being trapped by something in my life, to being unable to shake off something that perhaps I’m meant to experience.

My fears of spider stem from having them on me and I have deep rooted childhood anxiety about this. The webs themselves don’t bother me, unless a spider is in them. I think that—while this was definitely a nightmare in that I’m terrified of them—it was also a tap on the shoulder. Spider wants me to look at something, to pay attention to something she’s trying to tell me and by putting me in a situation where I can’t get away from her/the webs, she’s forcing me to confront an issue in my life.

The setting of the dream was pleasant, usually when my spider nightmares are there, they’re related to childhood (and I fully understand the impact/messages in those), but this setting was out of doors, not inside, and it was in a pretty area. So it wasn’t related to my childhood.

Now, the key will be to finding out what issue she’s bringing up for me to face, and then examine it. And that, is something that only meditation and my tarot cards can help.

The key to dream analysis is to figure out what the symbols of the dreams mean to you, on a personal level. Which is why when people ask me about their dreams, I tell them they have to figure it out for themselves, unless I know them on a personal level to the point of where I know what is going on in their lives.

Anyway…so yes, Argiope visited me in my dreams. And I hope I figure out her message before long because I really don’t want a repeat visit.

Do you understand your dreams? Do you even remember them? I always get amazed by people who don’t remember their dreams because I’m such a vivid dreamer, and I always dream in color. And what have been some of your most striking dreams that left you going, ‘there’s a message in that!’?

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